agosto 04, 2014

My mayor story (Who I am?)

In the early 2000s,After the death of my grandmother (in 1997), my mother Patricia did not want anything. She started with a depression that took quite fatter and she obtein related diseases for this (rheumatism, systemic problems and then a very late diagnosis of cancer).

I started to do many different things and forge support networks in different circles. In my case, it was my hold on the school and learning. Went outstanding student and I was in all school activities. Since I was 12 I started to teach my classmates and to be assistant professors of Natural Science, to get some money to support at home.

When assistance systems could no longer bear the situation, my family home in 2006 was evicted when the economic situation my mom was unsustainable. From my 17 years old I did not live with my family more.

My Biology teacher, Edith, who decided to assume the costs of my accommodation after that (a rented a room) on my university studies began, since 2007 until 2012.

The life of my mother after that fell continuously in hospitals and nursing homes. Her illness worsened every year until my mom dead in 2010. She inspired me from an early age the value of knowledge, the need to recognize the true friends and build relationships that allow our dreams come true. My motto is a sign that she gave me "I will triumph, even studying."

Both women made ​​me who I am today.

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